The 7 Best B2B Travel Agencies In The United States in 2024

B2B travel agencies and companies in the United States now make it easier for businesses to operate internationally, with their stakeholders and employees being able to enjoy more streamlined booking processes

In a globalized world like ours today where businesses no longer operate locally but now span time zones, cultures, countries, and continents, one thing that has stood out is the rise of the B2B travel industry. B2B travel agencies and companies in the United States now make it easier for businesses to operate internationally, with their stakeholders and employees being able to enjoy more streamlined booking processes. 

If your business is one that requires your staff to travel regularly, it is advisable you work with a B2B travel company that provides quality travel booking services in order to ensure your business process is well streamlined. This is why we have provided in this article the best 7 B2B travel agencies and companies in the United States that are considered to be among the best in the business. 

What is a B2B travel agency?

A B2B (business-to-business) travel agency is a company that basically offers travel related services to other businesses. These services range from flight bookings to booking of transportation, accommodation, car rentals, and luxury services like bodyguards, drivers, villas, venues, etc. 

Functions of a B2B travel agency

B2B travel agencies and companies are known to generally provide services that are related to travels to other businesses. 

Here are some well detailed explanation of some of the functions they perform in the business travel landscape today.

Providing travel solutions: the primary function of every B2B travel agency is to provide travel solutions to businesses such as travel arrangements, fligh bookings, hotel bookings, car rentals, to mention a few. These solutions are usually carved out and provided in line with the preferences, budget, and overall objective of a company or business. 

Helping to save cost: another known function of a B2B travel company is that they help businesses save cost as much as possible when travelling. For most businesses, every penny saved in the course of a travel expenditure is a penny earned. As such, B2B travel agents go extra length to negotiate with car rentals service providers, hotels, airlines, etc, to ensure their clients save cost when traveling. 

Providing reports and analysis: this involves giving detailed reports and analysis on travel expenses of clients after every trip. By doing this, B2B travel agencies help businesses to streamline their travel expenses and make better decisions in future travel expenditures. 

Helping to manage risk: there are certain risks that come with international travels. Risks like baggage loss, flight delay, flight cancellation, etc, are sometimes unavoidable. It is the duty of a B2B travel agency to provide risk management solutions such as round-the-clock support, real-time updates and travel insurance to give their travelling clients peace of mind. 

Factors to consider when choosing a B2B travel agency

Now that you know what B2B travel agencies are as well as the functions they perform, what then are some of the factors to consider when choosing the right agency?

Here are some important factors to consider:

Global network: in as much as you are looking for a B2B travel agency in the United States, it is important you choose one that is known to have a global network. An agency's global scale determines the depth and breadth of travel service they can provide. Travel agencies with a wide range of suppliers are more likely to provide flexible travel services and vice versa.

Reputation and experience: another factor to consider when choosing a B2B travel agency is its reputation and years of experience. Always look out for agencies with a proven track record in providing quality travel booking services. Also look out for their case studies, testimonials and customer reviews when making choices.

24/7 support: a B2B travel company should always be on standby to deal with emergency issues its clients might face in the course of travelling. When choosing a travelling company choose one with a 24/7 support.

Technological integration: since we live in a digital world, it is advisable to look out for a travel agency that provides real-time tracking capabilities, mobile apps, travel portals, and modern booking platforms, all of which are necessities for a smooth travel experience. 

Flexibility and customization: a good B2B travel agency should be able to provide travel related services based on a client's requirement. This quality is what makes that agency stand out among its competitors and what you should look out for when choosing a B2B travel agency. 

Top 10 B2B travel agencies in the United States in 2024

Are you in the United States and you need to manage a business travel for your company? Do you need a travel policy that is both flexible and affordable? Or are you looking for a business travel plan that comes with higher VAT refunds and competitive prices? Then check out 10 of the best B2B travel agencies in the United States in 2024.


Location: Santa Clara, United States


GLOBALEUR works with government institutions, OTAs, hotel brands, car rental agencies, and global airlines to provide the best business travel experience for its clients. It also provides travel solutions that allows customers get trips that are personalized and optimized based on their bookings, budget and preferences.

You can start enjoying a more streamlined booking processes for your company by visiting GLOBALEUR's official website here

Apollo iGDS

Location: New York, United States

Contact: 228 Park Ave S, Pmb 85451, New York 10003, United States

Apollo iGDS is popularly known for its neutral B2B multimodal travel platform that allows company employees to travel around the world seamlessly. It is also known to have a strong network of carriers not only on air but also on water and on land. This makes the process of sourcing and booking for travels simple.  

Need to manage a business travel for your employees? Then visit Apollo iGDS to get started.  


Location: New York, United States


Xeni makes our list of top 10 B2B travel agencies in the United States in 2024 as a result of the fact that it helps its clients to address issues relating to the sales of online travel inventory. It also facilities the reduction of cost, settlement time, and payment fraud as well as access to wholesale-rate inventory. 

You can check out more about Xeni here. 


Location: New York, United States


BeSeated is more of a marketplace, and it specializes in connecting its clients to luxury providers. These clients range from concierge companies to corporate companies, upscale travel agents, etc, and some of the luxury services they pay for when travelling include venues, drivers, bodyguards, villas, yatch, to mention a few. 

What BeSeated does is help clients manage their travel booking as well as their payment for some of these luxury services.

If you are looking for a business travel plan that comes with an affordable luxury service, then visit BeSeated to get started. 


Location: Cabot, Arkansas, United States  

AlmsTravel is a bit different from other travel agencies on this list in the sense that it specializes in helping non-profit organizations raise funds using “travel” as a tool. Instead of paying travel agents for hotel bookings, airline tickets, or other travel packages, these non-profit organizations can use AlmsTravel and turn part of their proceeds into a tax-deductible donation. 

Want to know more about AlmsTravel? Check them out here

Seadog Travels

Location: Tucson, Arizona, United States


As its name suggests, this B2B travel company specializes in ocean travel, especially in groups. Its services include general travel agency services, luxury and expedition cruises, boat brokerage services (for people interested in buying or selling used boats), group travels to select coastal destinations, to mention a few.

If you are looking for an ocean travel experience that is both seamless and affordable, do well to check out Seadog Travels


Location: New York, United States


ULimo is your go-to B2B travel agency when it comes to road travels. For as low as $10 per person, you can use its ride share platform to book one-way trips in limousines, sprinter vans, and buses for your company employees. If you have doubts about ULimo, then you should know that it reaches a 60% profit margin at full capacity and is known to operate in 6 markets along the east coast.

Still want to experience an affordable road trip in the United States? Then get started at ULimo here


In conclusion, as companies continue to expand their branches in different countries and continents, there is a an equal need for B2B travel agencies to help offer quality travel booking services to them. Having a good B2B travel agency is crucial as it not only ensures a smooth travel experience but it also ensures a safe and value-driven trip. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which travel agency is the best?

There is no specific answer as to which travel agency is the best. Travel agencies offer different services at different rates, with different benefits, and under different conditions. A customer answer of which is the best would depend on what they are looking for in a travel agency. 

What is the difference between a B2B travel agency and a B2C travel agency?

The difference between a B2B travel agency and a B2C travel agency is that while the former provides travel related services to companies and their employees, the latter provides travel related services to individuals.