The Online Cargo Bidding Website

The Organization is a neutral marketplace serving delivery vehicles, commercial freight, business to business and household goods markets. We bring together private and commercial Transportation Service Providers (TSP), freight forwarders or cargo brokers with commercial, industrial and private or household shippers.

The site serves the logistics needs of Wholesalers, Manufacturers, Producers, Distributors and individuals to move their goods in the form of Containers, Pallets, Bulk, Hazardous, Perishable, Liquid, Abnormal Loads, Office or Household Removals, Machinery, Refrigerated and General goods. makes available these Urgent Loads, Nationwide cargo, Return Loads, Back Loads, Freight Matching and for Independent Couriers, Owner-Drivers, Couriers, Cargo and Haulage firms, as well as small and large Transporters using Flat beds, Low Loaders, Tippers, Tankers, Pickups, Car Transporter, Box Vans, Vans, forklifts, tow vans or trucks across Nigeria. acts as the venue where TSPs and shipping customers or consumers meet and enter into transportation service agreements. The site is also the marketplace for renting and selling of delivery vehicles and other logistics equipment to consumers and buyers respectively. is the platform for renting of Storage Spaces and Warehouses of any size for short and long terms. While Professional Couriers and Drivers easily find employment and professional training on the site. serves to bring automation, transparency and efficiency to freight transportation by moving it entirely online and mobile, not involving in the actual transactions and movement of goods between shipping customers and TSPs but providing shipping exchange, online fixed price, spot market and auction-based transactions. We are creating an efficient system that can provide the right kind of transportation or storage, when it is needed, where it is needed and the right capacity. will also be the place where Logistics news breaks and prominence is given to freight industry issues in our blog.