Ayra Starr The Kids Are Alright Lyrics

“The Kids Are Alright” is a track off Ayra Starr's second studio album “The Year I Turned 21.”

The song has not only contributed to the success of her album but is also topping the charts in the Nigerian music industry and beyond.

Check out the lyrics to The Kids Are Alright by Ayra Starr below:

The Kids Are Alright Lyrics by Ayra Starr


Like I said, Ebu

I want you to be happy

Go out, enjoy, enjoy what you work for

Don't save, save, save, save, save

Enjoy it, go on vacation, be happy with your friends

Because your dad did not really enjoy what he worked for

He was always pleasing people, pleasing people

Today, I've gone to buy food

The food that we'd eat for three or four days, I spent twenty thousand

It's my money, I worked for it

So please, enjoy yourself

Enjoy to the fullest, ?

Mm, what again did I want to say?


Hope no clouds are blocking the view

Hope you can see what I turned into, oh

Hope I'm out here making you proud, oh

Hope God doesn't judge you by your sins

And when you knock on Heaven's gate, oh

Hope they let you in, oh 

Hope you're forgiven, oh

Hope they let you in, oh 

Hope you're forgiven, oh

When they let you in

Put in a good word for me


Hey, Daddy, it's your last-born, Tunmise

Hey, Daddy, it's Tolu

Hey, Daddy, this is [?], oh

Daddy, this is Ade

Hey, Daddy, this is Daniel, I'm about to release my project

I miss you

I miss you so, so much

I miss-miss you

I'm in school now, I'm doing well

I'll be 24 very soon, this is July

Um, I turned 19, I can't believe it

And I'm here, you know, doing what I know how to do best

Shoot videos

I miss you, and I want you to know I've got a daughter now

Her name is Jemimah, she's 2 years

I wish you were here with me to just—

To hold my hands, ah God, I'm trying my best

Mommy's doing okay, everybody's doing well

I'm, I'm doing well sha, I'm doing well

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Hope you're forgiven

Hope you're forgiven, oh


Nlẹ o, sun re o

Awọn ọmọ se daada